The Treatment Rooms


COVID 19 update

Reopening the Treatment Rooms

Over the past month we have slowly been reopening at The Treatment Romms. We are quite different, no waiting room, patients come straight to the Treatment Room and via a one way system. There is a full procedure to the strictest hygene standards of our professional bodies that we are all sticking to.

The changes Clients will notice are:

  • The Toilets are closed to Clients for the time being.
  • A deep clean is done every day.
  • Each practitioner must clean every surface, door handle or other possible place Covid could be lurking, then air the room thoroughly after every Client before the next Client can come into The Treatment Room.
  • Practitioners must change their PPE with every interaction and spend as short a time with the Client as possible. This can mean up to 3 changes of PPE per Client due to the need to change PPE for cleaning and re-entering to the room.
  • The time between Clients is taking 30 minutes each time, please bear with your practitioner on this.
  • Clients must wear a face mask, as must practitioners who will be wearing PPE.

We will keep everyone updated if the current situation changes.

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