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Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique has been helping people learn how to move with greater ease, and do things more effectively, for over 100 years.

Alexander Technique

Applying the Alexander Technique to everyday activities reduces unnecessary tension and the issues such tension can cause. The resulting freedom and ease, in both physical and mental performance, leaves a person with more energy for life as a whole.

A typical lesson will include discussion and the use of subtle delicate touch, to identify how a person thinks and moves during activity and to guide them as they consider new approaches. Activities are anything that interests the person - sitting, walking, speaking, singing, exercising - anything they choose.

People study this technique because they are interested in continual improvement and maximising their potential. Sometimes people have specific issues that are limiting them. Sometimes they have no specific issues at all. Pupils include people of all ages, interests and levels of well-being.

As you learn how to go about your chosen activities, with greater freedom and ease, you are learning skills you can apply to every part of your life.