The Treatment Rooms

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is natural functional medicine that deals with the underlying cause of an illness rather than merely the symptoms. In this way it can also act as primary preventive treatment against serious chronic disease. For example, a patient with prolonged stress may have underlying adrenal and blood sugar dysfunctions that if left untreated, could over time develop into a more serious illness such as diabetes.

The human body functions through a dynamic network of interconnecting organs and systems; imbalances or disfunction in one area can affect the whole body. Nutritional therapy uses a scientific evidence-based approach to identify core biochemical imbalances that are at the root cause of illness. This enables the therapist to devise a treatment plan unique to the individual needs of the patient that:

  • Aims to correct biochemical imbalances & deficiences through dietary & lifestyle intervention in order to restore health
  • Helps to prevent future chronic illness
  • Enables the patient to achieve & maintain optimum health as a vitality & not merely the absence of disease
  • Empowers the patient to take control over their well-being
  • Emphasises patient care rather than disease care