The Treatment Rooms

Food Intolerance, Environmental Allergy and Vitamin Deficiency Testing

We all need a full spectrum of nutrients, but different people have different genetically programmed requirements for different amounts of the various nutrients. It is these differing genetic requirements that explain why a given nutrient can be beneficial to one person, have no effect on another person, and be detrimental to third person making them feel unwell.

The Vega machine is one of the systems capable of testing for food hypersensitivities, chemical intolerance, environmental allergy and vitamin deficiencies. Advice is then given on how to eliminate the offending foods and a desensitising remedy can be ordered directly from The British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy. After taking these remedies for a while, the food or chemical substance will be tolerated by the body and symptoms you were experiencing will subside.

Vega Food Intolerance Testing Machine